Russian Producer Biicla Put a Beautiful Spin on Close To Monday’s “Guns” 

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Today we’re stoked to share a sweet remix courtesy of Russian multi-instrumentalist Biicla. The musician took the massively popular track “Guns” by German electronic duo Close To Monday and gave it his own unique touch, transforming it into a whole new piece. His remix came out over the weekend, and what he did with the tune deserves a standing ovation.

Biicla decided to preserve the best parts of the original song, which are lead singer ANY’s vocals and the track’s shimmering synthwave vibe. He creates a hauntingly cool intro, with her angelic voice and some beautiful piano chords leading into a gentle buildup. And then once the drop hits, he uses the powerful synths and his classic future bass sound to kick it into overdrive. 

You can listen to Biicla’s version of the song below. Enjoy!

Close To Monday – Guns (Biicla Remix)