Billie Eilish Announces Highly Anticipated Debut Album & Shares New Song “bury a friend”

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Billie Eilish just keeps leveling up. From the first time I heard her one-of-a-kind voice I was a fan. She’s continually impressed with everything she’s done and is taking a big step this year. She’s just announced her highly anticipated debut album along with the artwork and title: When We Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?. The full album is due March 29.

Now Billie has dropped a new track “bury a friend” and it further progresses her signature, yet versatile sound. She sounds right at home impressive over a laidback acoustic backdrop as she does on this creeping, nocturnal beat with syncopated, thundering drums. We hear her hypnotic pitched-down vocals alongside dark and minimal, menacing production that evokes strong emotion.

Billie never fails to create bold, striking videos to go along with her music and the music video for “bury a friend” is no different. The video looks like a horror movie. Everything about the video captures your attention and makes you feel you can’t look away. Billie appears possessed as everything about the video is on point from the camera work, the lighting, the choreography and the concept. Once again she proves she’s talented beyond her 17 years.

The creepy cover art (above) for When We Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? perfectly captures the dark, eerie, yet playful vibe Billie has captured with her music. Once again this project was created alongside her talented brother Finneas as they two have proved to be a perfect combo time and time again. Enjoy!

Billie Eilish – bury a friend