Billie Eilish Explores Her Unfathomable Rise To Fame In New Interview

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Over the past few years Billie Eilish has become an absolute superstar. Having broken onto the world stage at the age of 13, today she’s come almost full circle with Vanity Fair‘s “Same Interview, The Third Year“.

It’s almost bewildering how far Billie has come over the past three years alone. As the still only 17-year-old pop star has become one of the most influential celebrities of our time, even making history as the youngest artist to be nominated for all four top-tier GRAMMY categories, possibly the most incredible aspect of the young artists career is that she has yet to even reach her peak.

As seen in her new interview with Vanity Fair, in just three years Billie’s success has ballooned far past what any of us may have thought possible. Check out the full video below and enjoy!

Billie Eilish: Same Interview, The Third Year