Bleu Clair Blurs The Lines Between Tech & Bass House On ‘Prelude’ EP

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Indonesian born DJ, Bleu Clair, has curated a signature sound that evokes a dynamic energy amongst the tech and bass house devotees and music industry pioneers alike. Bleu Clair is no stranger to producing, having forged his own stylistic stance within dance music over the past decade, but the future looks even brighter for this rising producer. Today, he’s teamed up with Insomniac Records for his latest EP, Prelude.

Over the span of the 6-track EP, Bleu Clair displays a calm and poised production that beautifully blurs the lines between hard hitting bass house and intricate tech house. Tracks like “Play Jana,” “El Pasado,” and “Amani” have highlighted like-minded artists from his native country to further demonstrate the undeniable global reach of house music.

Stream the EP below and enjoy!

Bleu Clair – Prelude