Bob Moses Drop Another Perfect Album Single With “The Blame”

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Bob Moses are in the midst of an incredible album rollout for their new club-focused project, Desire. Today we’ve received another slice of the project in the form of “The Blame,” a dark, moody cut that encapsulates what we love about the duo.

From the hazy vocals, to the stimulating synth lines, to dialed-in dance floor groove, “The Blame” will grab ahold of you. That’s exactly what we’re looking for when trying to lose ourselves in a musical moment, and Bob Moses have executed this one flawlessly.

“The Blame” comes as a follow-up to the lead single, “Desire” which the duo dropped with ZHU last month. Desire, the album, drops on August 28.

Stream “The Blame” by Bob Moses below. Enjoy!

Bob Moses – The Blame