Bob Moses Release New 10-Track Album, ‘The Silence In Between’

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Bob Moses will always be one of our favorite acts. We’ve been closely following the rollout of the Canadian duo’s third album, The Silence In Between, but today, the wait is over, and all we can say is—it was well worth the wait.

The latest project from the GRAMMY award-winning pair is a musical expression of growth through trying times. Dance-driven energy shares space with emotive pop-leaning proclivities while lyrics explore a wide array of emotions from longing, to euphoria, to heartache. The artists had this to say about the project:

Making this album was a way for us to process what we’d been going through and figure out how to move forward. We lost a good friend during the pandemic, I had my first child, Jimmy’s parents went through a divorce, and there were so many other world-shaking things happening around us. We were dealing with a lot of fear and uncertainty, and music became like our life raft. It allowed us to really focus in on the purity and the magic of our working relationship, to get back to trusting our instincts and just be as honest as possible.

Each track shares a distinct feeling while simultaneously fitting a perfect role in the broader scope of the full album. The Silence In Between creates a world of raw emotion and sensation that is not one to be missed. Stream the new album from Bob Moses below. Enjoy!

Bob Moses – The Silence In Between