After 7 Years, Bobby Shmurda Will Be Released From Prison Tomorrow


Back in 2014, you could barely go anywhere without hearing “Hot N*gga,” the breakout hit from NYC rapper Bobby Shmurda. It wasn’t long after that however, that Shmurda was arrested due to his involvement in drug and firearm rings. He was sentenced to seven years in December of 2016 after heĀ pleaded guilty to conspiracy and weapons possession charges as part of a plea deal. His bail was set at $2 million.

Tomorrow morning, Bobby Shmurda will be released 10 months early from prison, according to some public NYC records. Bobby also shared a video on his Instagram account, @bobbyshumdags9, with the caption: “How the fucc y’all forget about me šŸ¤Ø”

Bobby already has some things arranged, as Quavo from Migos has said that will be the one to pick him up from prison. Although he does eventually plan on getting back into the studio, his first priority is to spend some quality time with his family, his mother said.

Bobby Shmurda’s imprisonment is one of the most notable in hip-hop history.