Bonobo Launches New ‘Outlier’ Label with Release of “Heartbreak” Ft. TEED

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Bonobo, aka Simon Green, has been a pioneer in the last decade of electronic music. Today he’s announced his new label, OUTLIER, with the release Heartbreak,” an impressive collaboration with none other than fellow UK artist Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, a pioneer in his own right.

Paying tribute to the disco explosion in New York City in the 70’s and the electronic music that evolved from it in the 80’s, this track samples Christine Wiltshire’s iconic vocal line “I can’t take the heartbreak” from the ‘83 disco anthem “Weekend.” Bonobo and TEED have captured a beautiful musical moment, and the track feels like it could have been plucked right from a crate of records at an NYC loft party. Its soulful and understated, but has the raw energy that could make it a weapon on the dance floor behind the clean percussion and energetic synths. This tune also echoes a recent trend of reappearing influences from early dance music.

From TEED: 

Now more than ever it feels important to be putting out dance music with deliberate acknowledgment of its history.

The track is out now via OUTLIER, a label we’re excited to hear more from as Bonobo expands his innovative musical vision. Check out this beautiful track below. Enjoy!

Bonobo, TEED – Heartbreak