Boombox Cartel Share Heavy Trap Single “Alamo” Feat. Shoffy

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Boombox Cartel dropped their heavy trap single "Jefe" earlier this month and now have another original track for us called "Alamo" that may be heavier than their last. The song starts off with the smooth vocals of LA singer Shoffy atop a dreamy soundscape with soft piano keys and distant melodies. As the melodic sequence builds over the first minute, Boombox Cartel switches gears to a bass-fueled drop that's driven by a wailing trap synth. 

The duo has always been known for being able to successfully tap both ends up the spectrum, creating these beautiful melodic progressions while also surprising listeners with heavy raw bass drops. They do that once again here on "Alamo", out now on Mad Decent. Listen to the single below and let us know what you think. Enjoy!

Boombox Cartel – Alamo (Feat. Shoffy)