Branchez & DJ Lucas Are “Homesick” On Emotional Trap-Inspired Track

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NYC beat-maker and producer, Branchez, blew up on the scene back in 2013 with his iconic remix of What So Not’s High You Are. His signature blend of trap, bass, and soulful synths was a staple in the dance music circuit at the time and has since shifted his sound in a more trap-inspired rap direction. He’s teamed up with DJ Lucas, the Massachusetts rapper, who’s been making waves in the underground rap scene for their latest joint effort, “Homesick.”

The track starts out with a gentle ukulele lick and DJ Lucas singing about being homesick before completely flipping its head into a trap-style beat. The whole thing rides a line between sad and energetic and showcases Branchez and DJ Lucas’ abilities to craft music without any boundaries.

Stream “Homesick” below and enjoy!

Branchez & DJ Lucas – Homesick