Brasstracks Return With Soulful Energy On New Single “Change For Me”

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With all that’s going on in the world, the uplifting good vibes brought on by Brasstracks and Samm Henshaw couldn’t be more warranted. The three artists have combined their talents to bring a positive message to the world with their new single “Change for Me,” a track set in place to put a smile on your face.

The piece was crafted over multiple locations around the world, with sessions in London, New York and LA. The goal was was to spread positivity and view things in a better light. The track focuses on solidly on Samm Henshaw’s lyrical performance which are supported by strong piano riffs and moving brass backings. In the accompanying music video, the trio explore various neighborhoods of New York City¬† as well as the more densely populated areas such as Time Square. The vibes they were able to create in the video and sonically are immersive and addicting.

You can listen to “Change for Me” and watch its accompanying music video now, below. Enjoy!

Brasstracks – Change For Me (w/ Samm Henshaw)