Breakout Rapper DaBaby Drops Must Hear New Album Single “Intro”

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Quite often I get asked what my favorite new releases are, and for months DaBaby’s Baby On Baby album has been a go-to answer. The dude is hilarious and just oozes charisma with every line. There’s no one with flows like his and I’ve legit has his music on repeat the entire summer. It’s safe to say he’s become one of my favorite rappers and already has one of the best albums of the year under his belt. That’s not stopping him from following it up with yet another full length project, Kirk, which is apparently due before September ends.

Although he’s already become a go-to featured artist, today he’s dropped his first song in six months, titled “Intro.” While most of DaBaby’s music is filled with funny punchlines and easygoing lyrics, this is one of his most introspective to date. I really can’t wait to hear his forthcoming album, which I have a feeling is more about his personal story considering the lyrics on this new song and that the album is named after his own last name. Do not sleep on DaBaby and enjoy!

DaBaby – Intro