BROCKHAMPTON Is Back With Wild New Single “BUZZCUT” with Danny Brown

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Drop everything you’re doing, BROCKHAMPTON is back! The super group, self-proclaimed “world’s greatest boyband” dropped their first single in two years in the form of “BUZZCUT” featuring rap veteran Danny Brown.

While BROCKHAMPTON’s sound seems to evolve with every record they put out (one of the benefits of having 14 members), there’s three things we’ve come to expect from them: high energy, sample heavy cuts and a gorgeous, unexpected interlude to close out the song. All are true for “Buzzcut.” The beginning of the track starts out hot with some chopped up vocal samples and police car sirens. That may sound chaotic, but BROCKHAMPTON makes it work, always striking the right balance. After Danny Brown’s verse, we’re hit with the interlude, and the song transforms to close out with a slower, sax filled vibe.

If “Buzzcut” doesn’t quite satisfy your craving for BROCKHAMPTON, keep an eye out for their highly anticipated sixth studio album Roadrunner, due out sometime this year.

You can check out the equally wild and colorful music video they released for the song below. Enjoy!

BROCKHAMPTON – BUZZCUT (feat. Danny Brown)