BRONSON Drop A Dark And Heavy New Festival Weapon, “Keep Moving”

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This is the darkest track we’ve ever heard from the likes of ODESZA. Golden Features, who works in collaboration with the Seattle duo on this new BRONSON project, is a bit more accustomed to this type of grittiness, but we’re still surprised with how hard they all went here.

The new tune is called “Keep Moving,” and it’s the last single we’ll hear from BRONSON before the trio drops their self-titled collab album on August 7. The track starts with distorted, pulsating synths and a techno-inspired, pounding kick that grabs your attention right from the get-go. “Keep Moving” chugs along with a heavy bass line and tough synths. We can only imagine these guys dropping this one at a major festival stage. This is a banger and a half.

Stream this massive new one from BRONSON below. Enjoy!

BRONSON – Keep Moving