ATX Duo Bronze Whale Drop Suave Downtempo Song “Make You”


If you do one thing today, it should be streaming the new single from Bronze Whale. This group consisting of two dudes from Austin has been putting out nothing but silky smooth beats, and “Make You” is the same. This song was released this past weekend, and already has been crowned #1 on Apple Music’s “Today’s Chill” playlist.

Starting off with some chilling chords and vocals, you know right from the get-go that this is going to be suave. The soft croon glides over the pristine percussion and snare rolls like an easy tide, and the instrumentals all come together in a sweet, swaying bliss for the chorus. It’s a seductive little R&B/downtempo number that can give you goosebumps if you bump it loud enough.

You can listen to “Make You” below. Enjoy!

Bronze Whale – Make You