Buku Lays Down Some Out Of This World Sound Design For Heavy New ‘Scorched Earth EP’


It’s rumored that the Mars rover launched by NASA this week was blasting Buku to attract alien life. The Pittsburgh bass producer has gone extraterrestrial on his latest release, the aptly named Scorched Earth EP. The three track EP goes nuts with next-level sound design and heavy bass. It’s definitely perfect for our recently launched Alien Invasion bass playlist on Spotify.

We’re instantly transported by the eerie and cosmic sounds of “I Don’t Think So,” which hammers into a dynamic beat and some of the coolest sound design we’ve heard recently. Buku complements that crispy rhythm with some really cool bounce in the bass line and synth work. The next track, “Out Of My Hands,” builds up a buzzing tension with a grungy vocal and a drum roll, dropping into some otherworldly, hypnotic bass. On the drop of the final song, “Death Rattle,” we wind right up into a massive attack of gritty low end sounds, punctuated by nicely side-chained beat switch ups. It’s a rocking track with some beastly bass.

The whole project is pretty wild and demonstrates just how innovative some of the sound design that is coming out of bass music, with Buku one of the producers leading the charge. Get ready for a wild ride if you ride with Buku. Check out the EP in the stream below. Enjoy!

Buku – Scorched Earth EP