Burial Shares Eerie, Mysterious New Single, “Dolphinz”


When you think of cutting edge of electronic music, the enigmatic Burial should be one of the first artists that come to mind. The reclusive South Londoner has been sporadically (yet methodically) dropping new music over the past year, and he’s just shared another track, “Dolphinz.”

This new single, which completes the double-sided release of Chems / Dolphinz, is a tasty little sonic treat. Burial has taken a wide step outside the box on this one, with the tune entirely consisting of crispy, bubbling, ambient goodness. There’s also the occasional, very creepy vocal cut that whispers “… I love dolphins.”

This one might be a little too avant-garde for some, but we’re always interested in what such a coveted producer like Burial is up to. Perhaps these singles could be leading up to a new album. It would be his first since the legendary Untrue release in 2007.

You can check out the new Burial track below. Enjoy!

Burial – Dolphinz