SoCal Producer Burko Showcases Medieval House Sound on “Can’t Stay Here”


Another day, another new genre of house music. The latest to emerge is from SoCal producer Burko. His newest release “Can’t Stay Here” strongly features what Burko says is his signature sound: medieval house.

What this means on “Can’t Stay Here” is a rip current of dark bass and metallic high hats. Burko creates a progressive, rhythmic melody that draws listeners in. Meanwhile gorgeous, airy female vocals provide riveting entertainment. If renaissance kings and queens were into raving, they’d definitely love this track.

Here’s what Burko said of his track:

I was sent the vocals to “Can’t Stay Here” and immediately heard the song I would end up producing; I took the song that the vocalist had written and took things in a completely different direction.

Check out “Can’t Stay Here” using the link below. If you’re digging this track, make sure to also listen to “Reflection,” the other single on Burko’s EP. Enjoy!

Burko – Can’t Stay Here