Calvin Harris Details his Hilarious 4-Hour Set on Liverpool FC’s Championship Parade Bus


Calvin Harris recently played a spontaneous 4-hour set on a bus—and he’s calling it one of the greatest experiences of his life.

The story really starts with Liverpool FC, which were celebrating their 2021-2022 season, shortly after winning the FA Cup against Chelsea. Calvin Harris’s hit song with Dua Lipa, “One Kiss,” became a Liverpool anthem during the season, and one of the members of the organization reached out to Calvin about possibly doing some type of special performance.

Given that Calvin Harris is a huge Liverpool fan, he agreed to perform a 4-hour set on the roof of a bus during the championship parade. He goes into further detail in a recent interview with Capital, including a description of a moment where the whole bus is about to lose power. He calls the set “probably the best gig” of his life.

Calvin Harris tells the story superbly during the interview. You can listen to him tell it below. Enjoy!

.@CalvinHarris revealed what really happened on top of the @LFC bus parade 😂🙌

— Capital (@CapitalOfficial) June 14, 2022