Canadian Producer ASHE Drops Glitchy Tune “hard time getting to work”

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If you’ve hit a mid-week slump, you’re not alone. The new music from Canadian producer ASHE will make you feel seen. His new track “hard time getting to work” puts that feeling into words and music.

Against a backdrop of scratchy synth glitches and a subtle, two-step breakbeat, is a spoken-word style vocal. A soothing voice tells us that we need to “forget about everything…maybe we should all just get along.” As the song progresses, muted tones and percussion emerge, adding even more dimension.

Although ASHE has put out releases on prestigious labels like mau5trap and 5302 Recordings, he put out this new single on his own label, Ocean Dark. Below he shares the story of the song’s creation and his decision to release it independently.

hard time getting to work’ was originally going to be called ‘i’m having a hard time getting to work today’ but it felt a little convoluted. It was a genuine statement about working up the conviction to get back into writing. To keep things interesting I’ve been deliberately trying to write out of my comfort zone and overcomplicate everything in my music. It’s made things a lot harder but I’ve been much happier with what I’ve been releasing lately. Also opting out of chasing after a label I decided to release this one on my own imprint ‘Ocean Dark’ to continue developing the brand and hopefully freeing myself from the claws of the industry.

You can listen to “hard time getting to work” below. Enjoy!

ASHE – hard time getting to work