Get Lost In Caribou’s Funky, House-Driven ‘Rough Trade Mixtape 2020′

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Any time we see musical activity from Caribou, our ears immediately perk up. After a four year hiatus, the veteran producer has made a strong comeback over the past few months with a series of releases including his phenomenal recent studio album, Suddenly. Today, the Canadian talent continues that momentum with the release of an unbelievably vibey mix titled ‘Rough Trade Mixtape 2020.’

If this is your first time hearing a Caribou mix, you’re in for such a treat.  Dan Snaith (aka Caribou) taps into the library of his more club-focused alter ego, Daphni, to masterfully entwine house and disco themes with traditional tribal elements to form a chilled out final product with an irresistibly dancey energy.  Warning: listeners may experience feelings similar/ identical to dancing through an angelic field of clouds.  I feel like I could drift off into a dream if my body wasn’t blissfully bouncing back and forth to the beat.

While everyone’s day to day may be getting a little monotonous lately, the right music can remedy just about any situation.  If your energy is starting to wane, you need a little emotional pick me up, or are just in need of some high quality sound waves, Caribou will get you so right with his new ‘Rough Trade Mixtape 2020.’ Stream the tasty mix below. Enjoy!

Caribou | Rough Trade Mixtape 2020