8 Huge Mr. Carmack Tracks That Were Never Officially Released

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Mr. Carmack likes to release music on his own accord. He might drop a song and remove it the next day. He might just wild out and drop a 54-track EP out of nowhere. One thing is for sure though, you cannot trust Carmack’s SoundCloud. He may be one of the best beat-makers to walk the Earth, but he certainly is picky. Trying to find an organized catalog of his music is nearly impossible, especially because a good portion of his discography was never even officially released.

Thankfully there are some Carmack stans out there that have gone through the trouble of locating and/or re-uploading some tracks that may have been lost, forgotten, or never officially released. Some of these tracks are some of the best we’ve heard from the Bay Area producer, and we wanted to make sure they didn’t get too dusty.

We compiled a list of our favorite Carmack loosies that never saw a proper release and have since been removed from his official SoundCloud page.

The Bangers:

Mr. Carmack – FF308

As soon as you hear those snare hits come in, you know there’s a hard beat lurking in the back just waiting to drop. This one switches up on you at the last second with the vocal chops hitting mach speed right before the bass flattens anything in its wake. Buckle in.

Mr. Carmack – Walkin

This track opens up with some gorgeous piano chords, but almost instantly transitions into a filthy heater filled with dark wubs that any bass fan would drool over. Around the halfway mark this one gets wild, so definitely don’t skip through.

Mr. Carmack – atx

“atx” is just dripping in gold. The melancholy intro, the masterful percussion, the haunting vocal cut, those perfect 808s; we’re amazed this one never saw an actual release. This is easily some of Carmack’s best work.

Mr. Carmack – Evil Ways

Only Carmack could get away with mixing Carlos Santana and A$AP Ferg. Honestly this track is all over the place, but the chaos of it all just somehow works perfectly. By the second time Carmack has gone back and forth between the two samples, the track has descended into full on madness and we love every moment of it.

The Chill Stuff:

Mr. Carmack – Ryukushima

He’s got the ability to melt your face in the club, but he can also mellow you out with some of the smoothest beats you’ll ever hear. Listening to “Ryukushima” feels like taking a peaceful stroll on a warm summer morning after a long night out. Too good.

Mr. Carmack – Brazilian Blowjob

Short, but so, so sweet. We could probably put this one on repeat for days and not even notice. Our jaws drop whenever Carmack’s production gets into that jazzy territory.

Mr. Carmack & Kaytranada – Ones

This buttery track features two of our favorite artists in one place, and it’s exactly what we would have wished for had we known they were collaborating. Every element in this one fits together perfectly, nobody could have done it better.

Mr. Carmack – Ode To Doobie

Another tune that features just absolutely stunning chords with an unrivaled downtempo beat. Many of Carmack’s beats are so good that he can loop them endlessly, but this one progresses up and down a windy path.