The Story of Cashmere Cat’s ‘Princess Catgirl’ Continues With New Single “FOR YOUR EYES ONLY”

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Cashmere Cat’s forthcoming new album is already starting to shape up nicely. The first single we heard from the project, “EMOTIONS,” gave us the first look at Princess Catgirl, the protagonist of this concept album. Similarly to the previous single, “FOR YOUR EYES ONLY” features pitched-up vocals, vibrant melodies, and the fanciful sonic tropes that we love about Cashmere Cat. 

The story that Cashmere Cat is writing with Princess Catgirl is starting to come into focus more and more. Based on the two music videos, Princess Catgirl is a type of shy superhero, and this is her story. In an Instagram post, Cashy explains how he’s always been shy himself, and that he created Princess Catgirl to be the face of his music. 

Check out the latest episode into the story of Princess Catgirl below with “FOR YOUR EYES ONLY” and enjoy!