Cautious Clay Shares New Single “Karma & Friends,” Reveals Album Release Date


Cautious Clay has been stringing us along for months now with the rollout of his debut album, Deadpan Love. The Cleveland born artist has set us down a gold tinted path with singles like “Roots” and “Dying In The Subtlety,” and today he leaves another delicious bread crumb for us to follow with new single, “Karma & Friends.”

The orchestral strings are a very lush way to lead off, setting a decadent tone right from the start. As the instrumentation grows to include Clay’s rich woodwinds, wavy guitars, and a myriad of keys, Cautious swoops in with that amber timbre to take the spotlight front and center.

This grand tune also arrives with official notice of the debut album’s release date— June 25th. That gives us about two and half months till release, so hopefully we’re In store for at least one more single in the remaining time between. Listen to Cautious Clay’s newest single, “Karma & Friends,” below. Enjoy!

Cautious Clay – Karma & Friends