Chance The Rapper Returns with Somber New Single “Child of God,” with Moses Sumney

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Chance the Rapper has been on the cutting edge of some of the most unique sounds in hip-hop over the years. We’ve seen his sounds go from psychedelic to gospel, mumble to boom-bap, and almost everywhere in between. While some sounds have hit more than others it’s always been undeniably Chano, and today we see a cathartic return for the rapper from 79th with the release of his new single, “Child of God.”

Chance has always been at his best when the focus is on himself and the mic. His Chi-town-born spoken-word flow recalls poetic energy on this latest while a simple duo of keys and mild hand drums create a pensive scene for the reflection of self and the world around. Instrumental layers and vocal support by Moses Sumney slowly build in the back-half of the tune but never distract from the sobering aura Chance became so famous for years ago. This single truly finds the rapper returning to a form that garnered millions of fans the world over.

This new project by Chance is also accompanied by a multifaceted art experience in Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art open to the public now through March 29. The art is the work of Naïla Opiangah, a Gabonese painter whose work explores concepts of identity, self-reflection and interpersonal relationships, through an abstract depiction of nude Black women. Chance and Naïla met while he was on a transformative expedition in Ghana. The two creatives had this to say on the project:

“Child of God” is a candid representation of the exchanges between two creatives of different artistic backgrounds, mediums and platforms. It’s a visualization of our mirrored experience.

Stream Chance the Rapper’s triumphant new single, “Child of God,” below. Enjoy!