Watch Chance The Rapper’s Manager Pat Corcoran Break Down Their Rise To The Top

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Chance The Rapper is one of the most unique artists in the world. He’s has an unlikely rise to fame and has maintained a massive level of stardom while staying true to himself and independent. While it seems everyone knows who Chance is, many people may not be familiar with his manager behind the scenes, Pat Corcoran.

Pat Corcoran sat down with Complex for a 46-minute interview about how he’s taken an non-conventional route to reimagine the music industry. The special piece has Corcoran speaking openly about how he linked up with Chance and started his rise in the industry. The video is interesting from start to finish as Corcoran sheds light on how two young kids from Chicago linked up without any experience in the music industry and built their empire from the ground up to bring Chance to the forefront of music, all while staying independent.  

Chance The Rapper’s father Ken Bennett was very involved with his music project in the beginning and was the one who actually approached Corcoran to be Chance’s manager. From there he took on the role, dropped out of school and never looked back. He touches on everything from his first big show, to navigating the label meetings, to making lists for Forbes 30 Under 30 & Billboard 40 Under 40. Chance and Corcoran overcame some big obstacles in the making of Coloring Book, taking the project on entirely themselves, taking phone calls with executives to get features cleared from artists like Kanye West and Justin Bieber. The video is incredible throughout and gives an incredible inside look at how two young individuals took on a massive industry on their own. Enjoy!