Chance the Rapper Plays Bob Marley In Adult Swim Show “Black Dynamite”

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Who's up for some Sunday cartoons (not the kind that you watched as a kid)?  Chance the Rapper made his second TV appearance last night by supplying the voice for a cartoon Bob Marley in Adult Swim’s show Black Dynamite.  The Chicago rapper seemed right at home dishing up a cool Jamaican accent, imitating the legend and keeping his signature vocal tonnage.  As expected, "Bob" lives up to the Marley name, lighting up multiple oversize joints and sweet talking many of the show's female characters throughout the episode. Erika Badu's distinct voice is also featured in the episode, as both a hilarious prostitute and Marley's real-life wife Rita.  Pour yourself a bowl of cereal and watch the rip of the full cartoon below. Enjoy!

Source: Pitchfork