CharlestheFirst Blends Bass & Bars On Vibrant New EP ‘No Dimmer’


If I told you that you could find cutting-edge bass, hip-hop, and house music on the same EP would you believe me? Well, you don’t have to because CharlestheFirst just dropped his new project No Dimmer and it’s packed with fresh sounds that ignore the lines between genres. Charles is an artist that finds a way to innovate on every project but always stays true to his sound, blending new stylistic influences with the wonky bass and crisp percussion that has fueled his rise in the bass scene. His recent releases have highlighted his range – the searing bass banger “Love & Enemies” with Tiedye Ky is a live show weapon, while “Room to Breathe” gave us a hint of how he would mix soothing melodies into No Dimmer.

The six-track EP features classic Charles-style bangers like “Consumed” or “Limitless” that shift from ethereal soundscapes to piercing bass with a moment’s notice. But it also features a new element we haven’t heard before on tracks like “Ove-4” and the eponymous “No Dimmer”: melodic hip-hop verses spit by Charles himself. He’s given us a hint this was coming with his side project hawk. where he’s been building his hip hop credentials for years now, but this is the first time he’s brought the vocals into the CharlestheFirst universe.

CharlestheFirst – No Dimmer