CharlesTheFirst Enchants Audiences With Dynamic & Psychedelic Sounds On Single “Out of the Dark”


For those of you unfamiliar with CharlesTheFirst‘s music, it is out of this world. His work is generally characterized as experimental bass, but with its diverse influences, unique sound design, and psychedelic leanings, it goes far beyond that.

His new single “Out of the Dark” reflects the entrancing realms that CTF’s music can take you in distinct and varied sections of the same song. Beginning with eerie, atmospheric sounds and hip-hop styled percussion, the song draws you into a mystifying, organic soundscape. We then get our first transformation, as a house beat kicks in along with fluid synths. The song suddenly turns, as dynamic bass springs to life and continuously morphs along the track. The track culminates in a blending of all of the varied and mercurial elements of the track, creating a transcendent aura of lifelike beats, magnetic bass, and vibrant synths.

Do yourself a favor and allow the enchanting sounds of CharlesTheFirst to open your mind to a new world of music. His new single is out now and offers fans a preview of his forthcoming 2021 Solus album. Listen to “Out of the Dark” in the stream below. Enjoy!

CharlesTheFirst – Out of the Dark