Techno Titan Charlotte de Witte Drops Trance-Inducing EP ‘Power Of Thought’

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Charlotte de Witte is one of the most exciting names in techno right now and with good reason. The Belgian DJ and producer has been brandishing her own trademark style over the years, forging the path for contemporary techno artists across the globe. Today, she’s releasing her latest EP Power Of Thought, out via her very own KNTXT label.

The 3-track EP showcases the very best of Charlotte’s take on modern techno music with her own twists and turns along the way. The title track erupts into a hypnotic techno beat interspersed with spoken mantras of mindfulness. “Pria” continues on a pulsating journey with similar, mantra-like vocals chanting throughout. The EP closes with “Abada” which shifts gears into an epic, ambient finale.

Here’s what Charlotte had to say about the EP,

“For ‘Power Of Thought,’ I wanted to create an EP that touches deeper emotions and captivating the meditative trance you have when you let go on the dance floor. ‘Pria’ has already brought me a lot of joy over the last few months when I have played it during my sets. It offers a moment of reflection and a chance to catch your breath during the rougher, more peak time tracks I play. ‘Abada’ is a track that I really enjoyed making. I discovered these magical chanting vocals and I just knew I wanted to use them in a track. Though this track is maybe less playable in one of my sets, I feel that ‘Abada’ found its home on this EP and completes the ‘Power Of Thought’ circle.”

Stream Power Of Thought below and enjoy!

Charlotte de Witte – Power Of Thought