Chelsea Cutler Drops Passionate, Vibrant New ‘Sleeping With Roses II’ Project + Interview


Chelsea Cutler has had a fantastic 2018 thus far. Having just come off her sold out fall tour hot off the heels of her summer mixtape, today she’s delivered the second installment of her project – Sleeping With Roses II. Along with the release we were lucky to catch up with Chelsea with an exclusive interview below.

“I knew I had more to say, and I couldn’t move on from Sleeping With Roses until I moved on from that part of my life.” – Chelsea Cutler

Expanding upon the lush, painful, emotional sound and story she began in the first Sleeping With Roses, Chelsea reaches a sort of closure throughout this latest offering. From the forlorn remembrance of “Three Words Away”, to utter exhaustion on “Evil” all culminating in a fresh view and sobering reality on “Cold Showers”, she pours her heart and guitar into the entirety of this new eight-track project.

Over the years Chelsea has been instrumental in our appreciation of numerous incredible collaborations with TSIS favorites including Kidswaste, Kasbo, Louis The Child, Chet Porter & more. Yet we find ourselves with the tables turned this year, as the multitalented now New York-based artist has continued to impress time and time again with her infectious original production, quickly and undeniably transcending a “one to watch” title and landing in the top-favorites of listeners everywhere.

We were happy to have the chance to pick Chelsea’s brain about the new project, check out the interview and stream Sleeping With Roses II below and enjoy!

Chelsea Cutler – Sleeping With Roses II

Congrats on getting this out there! How does this new project connect with the first Sleeping With Roses project?

I just felt like emotionally I was still in the same period that I was in when I wrote the first SWR mixtape. I knew I hadn’t moved on emotionally from everything that compelled me to write the first project. I still had a lot more growing to do and a lot more to say about everything I’d been going through and feeling.

What does Sleeping With Roses II mean to you? What do you hope that listeners will take away from this, either in addition to or in place of Sleeping With Roses I?

I hope SWR II will help listeners cope with the fact that sometimes those darker periods of our lives can last a while and that’s okay. The SWR era was almost a year of struggling more with my mental health than I had ever previously struggled with it before. And I fought through it and learned a lot about myself and about life, and I just want listeners to know that no matter how dark it feels, no matter how long it feels dark for, there’s a lot to be learned from those periods and a lot to be grateful for. That’s what SWR means to me – it’s growth, perseverance, gratitude.

We were extremely happy to hear that you're in a better headspace with the catharsis of this release. Does this mean we'll be hearing a change in your style?

I don’t really know! Based off the music I’ve been writing since I finished this mixtape, I would say that I’m still way more inclined to write sad songs than happy songs because music is just how I express those emotions. I’m still a 21 year old kid trying to figure out life and I also recognize that while I feel more stable now, depression and anxiety come in waves. I still deal with both daily but I think I’m in a place right now where I’m coping really well. It’s inevitable that my struggles with mental health are going to be a big part of my life and I’m okay with that. I guess we’ll see where the next few months of writing take me!

Is there a particular song or moment on the project you enjoyed making the most?

AF1s was my favorite song to write for sure. I was up in Ottawa for a show and when I got the idea of the song, I locked myself in the bathroom backstage and started recording ideas with Apple headphones. I produced most of the song on the plane ride back to the US and then finished it off later with Andy Seltzer, who helped co-produce the mixtape.

Any specific influences affecting you on this release?

Honestly, not that I can think of. Listened to a lot of great music over the months I was writing it but nothing in particular really affected the direction of it.

How does it feel to get this project out there?

It feels incredible, like a weight lifted off my chest. It feels like I can really move on emotionally from everything that inspired both mixtapes and I’m ready to move forward.