Chet Faker Returns With Another New Single “Get High”

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We have a full-on Chet Faker revival on our hands. In late 2020, Nick Murphy surprised all of his fans when he decided to return to his original moniker and drop “Low.” Today, we can confirm that “Low” was not simply a one-off release, as he’s returned with another new single, “Get High.”

“Get High” is a funky, piano-driven tune about forgetting your problems, even for a moment. “Sometimes you just need a break,” says Murphy about the track. “I find myself wanting to escape just for a little while and the song sort of showed up on its own.”

So far, we’re loving both of these new releases under Nick Murphy’s original musical project. According to a press release, there will be even more new Chet Faker music on the way.

You can stream the second new Chet Faker release in six years below. Enjoy!

Chet Faker – Get High