Chet Faker Delivers First New Album in 7 Years with ‘Hotel Surrender’


Of all the projects that were anticipated for 2021, I bet not many predicted a Chet Faker comeback. After a seven year break from the project, Nick Murphy has revived his previous alias with release of Hotel Surrender.

The nine month rollout for this project saw Chet Faker release singles at a steady pace, each one sounding as good as the next. Today marks the culmination of those efforts with the full, 10-track album. Hotel Surrender is a what many of us were craving from Nick Murphy over the past few years: a deeply resonating, soulful collection of catchy, yet meaningful songs.

This project doesn’t take itself too seriously, containing uplifting and sometimes carefree messages. While each tune has thoughtful songwriting, perhaps the most important thing is that they’re fun. Even the slower songs have irresistible rhythms that you want go get up and move to. This will be a great album to see Chet perform live.

You can stream the new Chet Faker album, Hotel Surrender, below. Enjoy!

Chet Faker – Hotel Surrender