Chet Porter Acts As Donald Trump and Accidentally Breaks Twitter With Fake Chet Porter Army


Those that follow Chet Porter know two things. One, he makes really dope music; two, he’s a riot on social media. Chet took his trolling to a whole new level this week when he decided to take on Donald Trump and his supporters by mimicking the president’s profile and tweeting as if he was him. Nobody could have predicted what followed. We’re here to give you the full story, and here’s the tweet that started it all:

Since Chet is verified, the check mark next to his name carried over and sealed the deal, as the tweet went on to reach nearly a million likes. Chet made sure to point that out.

Just four hours after the original tweet, Chet Porter had his verification stripped and was subsequently banned by Twitter for attempting to impersonate someone in a misleading manner. The message, however, was successfully conveyed. The tweet had gone viral, and upon hearing of Chet’s ban, hundreds of fans began to change their profile pictures and names to assume Chet’s online identity. An army of Chet Porters had arrived, and Twitter wasn’t ready. Just check out the replies to Alison Wonderland’s call to arms:

if u r chet porter please reply

โ€” ALISON WONDERLAND #blacklivesmatter (@awonderland) June 12, 2020

The user responsible for reporting Chet’s original tweet then showed himself, and proved that it was he who took action, defending the president. He was unaware of what he created in his wake.

This was now a full-on movement, with countless carbon copies of Chet coming out of the woodwork, ready to show their support for whatย actual Chet Porter was standing up to. Chet was not prepared for such a demonstration:

Support increased even further when artists and brands began showing their support:

hop in, we’re gonna bust chet porter out of twitter jail

โ€” Brownies & Lemonade ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’› (@TeamBandL) June 12, 2020

It is me. Chet. We are becoming powerful

โ€” CRAY (@craymusic) June 12, 2020

Finally, early this afternoon, Chet Porter was allowed back onto Twitter, however his shiny verification badge did not return with him. Hey may have lost verification, but it was for a mighty good cause.

iโ€™m back. the trump supporters thought they could take me off twitter… i AM twitter. i canโ€™t be killed. this only made me more powerful.

president donald j trump is a racist child molester

โ€” chet porter (@chetporter) June 12, 2020

The story doesn’t end there, however. Just as we were about to publish this post, Twitter reinstated his verified status due to the size of the Chet Porter army.

also worth noting: because you guys went and started an entire army of chet porter accounts, twitter had to give me my checkmark back so people would know which one is real lol. so thank you

โ€” chet porter (@chetporter) June 12, 2020

Chet is now back, good as new, and it seems this saga will be concluded with the deletion of the original tweet. Although the tweet may soon be gone, we will never forget the bravery of Chet.

this hit 1M and iโ€™m fairly certain trump had the pleasure of reading it, but alas… it is time to delete

โ€” chet porter (@chetporter) June 12, 2020

To commemorate Chet’s bravery and the power of the fake Chet Porter army, we have a whole library of memes thanks to the fine folks of EDM Twitter. Here are some of our favorites below.