Watch Childish Gambino’s Live Performance Of “Me and Your Mama” in Virtual Reality


Childish Gambino has shared a virtual reality performance of his "Me And Your Mama" single ahead of his much-anticipated album Awaken, My Love. The VR experience was added to his PHAROS Earth app. 

The video comes from his PHAROS shows at Joshua Tree and gives us the first official glimpse into the insane event. Although some fans were able to sneak in footage from the cell phone-banned show, the VR experience truly showcases how unique the event really was. He has also made a limited edition VR vinyl available. We're not exactly sure what that means, but it could mean exclusive access to view the entire PHAROS event in VR.

Gambino played in a dome with tribal-themed projections and costumes. He really took a different route on the album singles as he's gone from making rap to funk and soul-inspired rock that's reminiscent of Parliament Funkadelic and Prince. See some screen shots below of the experience and download the PHAROS Earth app to see it all for yourself. Stay tuned for Awaken, My Love and enjoy!

Pharos 3

Pharos 2

Pharos 1