Take A Look At Childish Gambino’s ‘PHAROS’ Shows From Joshua Tree


Everything about Donald Glover’s new Childish Gambino album has been mysterious. First, he launched a app with a countdown to an unexplained event that later revealed he'd be hosting three camping shows called "PHAROS" at Joshua Tree from Sept. 2-4. He also shared that each show would be a full experience to debut the Childish Gambino LP. 

The first performance kicked off last night (Sept. 2) and looked bizarre, to say the least. Little was known about what it would entail. Fans were instructed to store their phone in a special bag that locks so no videos or photos would be taken. Although we weren't able to make it, there were a handful of audience members who managed to sneak in their phones to provide updates on the show. 

So, this is how they're going to make the concert at Pharos a phone-free They should do this at more concerts. pic.twitter.com/z4wZ9qg1dZ

— ️ (@mvtte) September 3, 2016 

The concert took place in a dome that seemed to incorporate video projections. This is what fans saw inside the dome: 

Here's a preview of #PHAROS for anyone that wants it pic.twitter.com/KCHGX7sJGT

— HipHopSharks (@HipHopSharks) September 3, 2016

@donaldglover rehearsing inside the dome??🤔🤔 #Pharos pic.twitter.com/iviobYEaXS

— Hecbino⁶ (@ChildishHecbino) September 3, 2016

Everything about the show looks strange. His music was said to be island/tribal-influenced and different from previous Childish Gambino music. Watch the videos below:

#PHAROS LEAKED VIDEO pic.twitter.com/LiWbt829Fk

— [RODEO] (@TravisRodeo) September 3, 2016

Pharos really looks like A tribal themed acid trip with PS2 graphics pic.twitter.com/ViWgZ4wywj

— 🌐 Balvin🌹 (@Balvinsanity) September 3, 2016

RT HipHopSharks: Please please please let this song be on PHAROS donaldglover pic.twitter.com/42mJACCfnE

— Rory Hahn (@RoryHahn3) September 3, 2016 

In addition to playing new music, he invited fans to watch the first episode of his highly anticipated new show on FX, Atlanta.

ready for @donaldglover at #Pharos in Joshua Tree. pic.twitter.com/1qw7GESyfI

— Kristin Scharkey (@kscharkey) September 3, 2016

The event received mixed reactions from the crowd and was certainly one of the more interesting album rollouts we’ve seen. 

#PHAROS in review:

• 12 songs
• Concept album with creepy tribal vibe
• Funk/jazz hybrid
• Minimal rapping
• Creatively different

— Michael Artress (@MichaelArtress) September 3, 2016

#PHAROS was crazy!#ChildishGambino has taken his sound and his show to another level. Visuals/performance were amazing! So inspired

— Jay Birch (@ItsBirchum) September 3, 2016


— chris (@chrisxcast) September 3, 2016