Classic Sick Solid ENTIRE Mashup Album: Milkman – ‘Lactose & THC’


So some of you have heard of the mashup artist Milkman, then again a good amount of you have not.  And before I show you any of the newer songs, I had to give you the album that got him his established name along the west coast and various college towns. Well he's Greg Luskin from San Diego, CA. There are a lot of mashup dj's these days, and milkman takes it a step further and used 114 different songs to comprise 15 different all very sick tracks for this freely distributed album Lactose & THC. Most of them are relatively chill, but there are some that definetyl have a party feel to them. If you want you can download all the tracks in a single zip file, or if you're not comfortable with that or don't want them all, download whichever individual track you'd like as usual. Since there are so many track I am not going to talk about them all so I've attatched ★'s to the tracks that stand out to me, but trust me they really are all worth a listen, enjoy!

Download Entire Album in .zip file

★ All About It – Milkman | Download


Can't Stop – Milkman | Download


Dreams – Milkman | Download


Can You Work That – Milkman | Download


★ Light It Up – Milkman | Download


★ Tribute to Ms. Lonely  – Milkman | Download


I Want You Back – Milkman | Download


Break It, Tag It – Milkman | Download


Interlude – Milkman | Download


Play No Games – Milkman | Download


★ And If… – Milkman | Download


Not My Time – Milkman | Download


★ Clap For Me – Milkman | Download


Trial and Error – Milkman | Download


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