Cloudchord & Emancipator Reminisce On New Retro Soul Tune “Junior High Dance”

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First uniting in 2021 on their debut Citrus Fever Dream EP, Cloudchord and Emancipator demonstrated the magic that happens when they make music together. Both extremely respected and loved in their own communities, their union is the foundation for something truly special. Their new single, “Junior High Dance” picks up right where they left off.

The production and instrumental chops of both Cloudchord and Emancipator are on full display for all of “Junior High Dance.” This chilled-out, laid-back soul jam features impeccable melodic variation, the artists taking their respective solos and jumping from instrument to instrument as the track progresses. A symphony of sounds coupled with nostalgic visuals provided by the official music video (attached below) make “Junior High Dance” one of our favorite collabs we’ve heard from the duo thus far.

Here’s what Cloudchord and Emancipator had to say about their groovy collaboration:

We started this tune during a multi day session in Doug’s forest studio last year and couldn’t stop laughing at how much it sounded like a ’50s sock hop… we explored a retro soul vibe on this one, crafted deep in the woods of the pacific northwest.

You can stream “Junior High Dance” at the link below, out everywhere via Nettwerk Music. Enjoy!

Cloudchord, Emancipator – Junior High Dance