CloZee Stuns with Introspective Third Album ‘Microworlds’

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CloZee has become an undeniable force in the electronic world. The Odyzey label head has a unique talent for creating emotive arrangements that make us cry in the club, while having the time of our lives. Today, she shares her highly anticipated third album, Microworlds.

Microworlds is an extremely fitting name for the artist’s third LP, a collection of tracks that immerse you in their own unique worlds of sound, time, and space. CloZee’s classically stunning synth arrangements shine throughout the entirety of the LP, serving as atmospheric beds, soaring lead melodies, textural nuggets… you name it.

Childhood” uniquely utilizes vocals from what appears to be a children’s choir, adding a sense of nostalgia and child-like playfulness to the album. Conversely, tracks like “Antares” show off the more hard-hitting, bass-led side of the French producer’s repertoire.

CloZee shared her thoughts on the new release, commenting:

Microworlds is my third album, created in about 2 years. It’s been the longest process to write an album so far, as it’s the reflection of so many shifts in my life. After overcoming the longest writer’s block of my career, I tapped into a lot of my memories and past stories to write those songs. It’s been a hard but incredible inner journey. I hope it will resonate with people, create new memories for them and become the soundtrack to some of their own life experiences.

You can stream Microworlds at the link below, out everywhere via Odyzey Music. Enjoy!

CloZee – Microworlds