CloZee Shares First Single “Winter Is Coming” From Upcoming Album ‘Neon Jungle’

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CloZee has just dropped “Winter Is Coming,” the mesmerizing first single to be released on her upcoming album Neon Jungle.

This new track gives us the first glimpse into Neon Jungle, and we’re already wanting more. “Winter Is Coming” has a powerful vibe to it that has listeners feeling like they should be holding hands around a fire, dancing and chanting with their tribe (… if you don’t have a tribe, find one). Its spiritual and melodic undertone creates a depth to CloZee’s sound that we’ve been enamored with since we’ve known her.

CloZee distinguishes herself as an organic artist when it comes to world-building in her music; as her album title suggests, these songs have the kind of the other-worldly quality that belongs somewhere not in a jungle, but in a Neon Jungle. She is somehow able to float the listener here, into this other realm she has created, with unparalleled ease that makes her that much more impressive.

“Winter Is Coming” is a perfect showcase of what CloZee is capable of and what we can expect on her upcoming sophomore album. Stream it below. Enjoy!

CloZee – Winter Is Coming