Colorado Producers Motifv & Late Night Radio Make Magic on Cozy Single “Hold On”

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There’s a duality to winter. While it’s drab and gray, it also makes you want to embrace the coziness of hibernation. “Hold On,” the new tune from Colorado producers Motifv and Late Night Radio, combats these winter blues by providing a dose of warmth and snuggly vibes.

“Hold On” is the perfect soundtrack for watching the snow fall outside the window while you’re inside curled up under a blanket. With its mellow piano melody, Motifv and Late Night Radio create a laidback, jazzy ambiance. A soft trumpet flits lazily over the verse, accentuated by cascading notes of chimes in the background. If the distorted vocal chops sound similar in style to Pretty Lights, that may be the product of the direct relation Motifv has to him.

We definitely recommend giving this song a listen. You can check it out below. Enjoy!

Motifv & Late Night Radio – Hold On