Producer Cookin Soul Delivers Incredible Mashup Of “Redbone” & “Mask Off”

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Most mashups simply just take an instrumental and acapella and layer on top of each other. However Spain-based producer / DJ Cookin Soul has stepped it up a notch pairing together Childish Gambino's "Redbone" with Future's "Mask Off".

Cookin Soul picked two incredible songs to put together, but the way he went about it is what makes it so good as he samples Redbone and flips it into a hip-hop beat. On the Soundcloud description he said "For anybody wondering… this is not just a regular mashup… ive sampled gambino's track chopped it, pitched it, added drums to it, vox, fx… and then processed it all thru my SP 404sx then added Future's acapella to it.. so basically i made a beat sampling RedBone and added Future's vocals…" Enjoy!

Mask Off vs Redbone (Cookin Soul SP404 Remix)