Listen To Soulful NYC Hip-Hop Duo Cool Company’s 17-Track Debut Album ‘Slice Of Paradise’ + Interview

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Bookyln-based duo Cool Company have impressed on their 17-track album, Slice of Paradise. The duo blend a combination of influences ranging from Hip-Hop and R&B to funk and soul on their incredibly smooth record that’s been getting its fair share of rotation for us here at TSIS. 

Cool Company consists of vocalist Yannick Hughes (aka Cool Yan) and producer Matt Fishman (aka Fat Matt), who first met in their high school choir class and linked up again a few years later in 2012 to form Cool Company. They really found their sound on Slice of Paradise by effectively capturing a chill, soulful vibe throughout the entire album blending many sounds and influences.

With strong highlights such as “Slice of Paradise”, “Habit”, “Life” and “Stare and Smile,” the LP strikes a balance between relaxing serenades and funky, dance-driven grooves. 

The silky smooth production effortlessly combines funk and soul influences with live instrumentation and a touch of electronic production that all comes together to form Cool Company’s signature sound. Hughes’ elastic crooning shines on his catchy hooks and joyous raps throughout the album. The soothing LP is a relaxing hybrid of styles combining sensual singing with relaxed raps reminding us of Anderson .Paak. We had the pleasure of speaking with Matt and Yannick so become familiar with Cool Company in our interview below and Enjoy! 

Cool Company – Slice Of Paradise | Stream Only  

How did Cool Company come to be?

M:  Yan and I met in choir back in high school.  We quickly realized we had similar tastes in music and art and became friends, even though we were from different crowds.  A few years later I had started making beats and I invited Yan to come record some vocals.  He picked it up so quickly that we started making music under Cool Company within the year

How would you describe your music?

M:  We are a combination of everything that we love, which is a pretty eclectic mix and leads to a wide range of genres on our new album.  We do have things that we prioritize, though; we always make sure to have a good, tight groove and interesting melodies and harmonies.

What is the story behind the title Slice of Paradise?

Y: We had already decided to roll with the track Slice of Paradise as the single and it just seemed to really embody the experience we wanted for ourselves and for our fans.  Plus I just like the way it rolls off the tongue haha

What inspires you while you’re making music?

M: We get inspired by life, and by changes in our life.  Trump just won the election 2 days ago, and we were both shocked, and pretty bummed.  But we realized this is the kind of thing that shakes you up and gives you inspiration.  Also heartbreak provides a lot of material.  Also weed.

Y: The three W’s.  Weed, women, and woes. In no particular order 

…But yeah find I’m mostly inspired by my own woes no matter what they be.  I think they bring about this special sort of creative energy for me and having music as an outlet for it really helps me decompress 

What is your approach to songwriting?

Y: I’d say I have a pretty casual approach.  I’ll usually just start riffing to get my mind warmed up melodically without any particular words or theme in mind until find a something that really sticks with me.  Then I’ll flush out some keywords to work with like say “slice” and “dice” and from there i really just let my subconscious do the work and just make sure I’m paying attention.  I think that’s why a lot of the songs end up coming across as someone trying to get a message out to someone else, and usually I’m the sender and the recipient.

You blend a number of different sounds in your music. What is your musical background?

M:  I’ve played trombone since 5th grade, and in high school I picked up the piano and guitar as well.  I played in band, Jazz ensemble and Choir, where yan and i met.  In College I studied classical composition, and during this time i started producing on ableton, though this wasn’t part of my schooling.  I’ve been exposed to pretty much every genre, and I draw influences from almost all of it, barring the harder rock stuff which is not really my jam.

How do you feel about the current state of Hip-Hop and what does Cool Company bring to the table?

M: I think Hip Hop is the most forward-thinking, innovative genre.  Most other genres haven’t been developing anything new, but you can tell Hip Hop is still innovating by how many people are hating on it, trying to compare it to the old school days.  I do think some of the new stuff is dumb, but It’s innovative, and though our stuff doesn't completely fit with the radio vibe these days, I think we draw inspiration from it.

What’s next for Cool Company?

M: We’re working on new songs and remixes, polishing our live show, looking into a potential tour in the early Spring, shooting videos, and collaborating with other talented new artists. Keep an eye on our fan page for updates and go listen to the album!