Covex Releases Genre-Bending Debut Album ‘A Change Of Perspective’

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Covex has continued to impress us with his unique, forward thinking brand of electronic music. The Denver-based producer last made his appearance on the site with his genre-bending EP, Learning To Love, which he released a little over a year ago. After teasing a few singles throughout the year he’s finally released his debut album, A Change Of Perspective, via independent label Moving Castle.

A myriad of sounds, new and old, help Covex tell his story of self-realization, worth and purpose on the genre fusing project. Songs such as “Regret” and “A Change Of Perspective”, push the album forward with hard hitting rhythms and driving synths, while tracks like “Negative Space” and “For The Love” build vast soundscapes that give listeners a true moment to look back on everything the world has thrown at us in this unprecedented past year and a half. The album truly speaks for Covex, showing us the various ups & downs and ins & outs of life, that make us all who we uniquely are.

Stream the full project below and enjoy!

Covex – A Change Of Perspective