The CDC Asks States To Prepare For A Covid-19 Vaccine By Early November


The New York Times is reporting that the Center for Disease Control is asking states to prepare for a Covid-19 vaccine as early as early November. While this, at its face, gives us optimism for a vaccine (and a quicker return to our favorite concert venues and music festivals), it’s also important to look deeper into this announcement.

Within the Times article, the author makes a significant point:

Public health experts agree that agencies at all levels of government should urgently prepare for what will eventually be a vast, complex effort to vaccinate hundreds of millions of Americans. But the possibility of a rollout in late October or early November has also heightened concerns that the Trump administration is seeking to rush the distribution of a vaccine — or simply to suggest that one is possible — before Election Day on Nov. 3.

That deadline, however, seems unrealistic.

Despite this seemingly political move, there is still reason for vaccine optimism. Experts are not entirely ruling out the possibility that one could be approved by this fall if it is very effective in its trials.

There are a number of different trials going on right now in the United States. If one proves to be clearly very effective, the trials could be ended early, and the vaccine could be rolled out. To read more on the specifics of this process, check out this very informative article from Stat News, which looks into how a vaccine could be approved by the fall.