PREMIERE | Crankdat Unleashes Sonic Destruction With Lethal New ‘Mechanized Mayhem’ EP

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Crankdat has earned a monstrous reputation over the years for relentlessly melting faces all over the world with his vicious production. That’s why we’re so hyped to be premiering his most destructive dubstep delivery to date, the Mechanized Mayhem EP, out now via Disciple Records.

The three tracks off this latest project are absolute nukes: “Blah Blah” is a grade-A cannon of a cut that will have your head banging and your heart racing, “ILL” is a ruthless ripper from start to finish, calling Crankdat’s signature mechanized sound design to the forefront, and “Pack A Punch” provides an epic, chilled out opening that takes a sinister left turn into some seriously explosive speaker destruction. 

The spectrum of sound and energy that the Ohio-based producer displays in this EP is astounding. Mechanized Mayhem is a headbanger’s delight and will be causing chaos in the dubstep world for months. So find the nearest rail, and hold on tight cause Crankdat’s latest will blast you to the moon. Enjoy!

Crankdat – Mechanized Mayhem