Crooked Colours Continue To Shine On Upbeat Indie-Dance Album ‘Tomorrows’


Crooked Colours have been staying busy this last year. The Aussie indie-dance trio have been teasing their upcoming album with a few singles and have just finished their Australian and New Zealand tour. They’re even slated to open up for Louis the Child at Red Rocks in a few weeks. Not letting up on the gas, Crooked Colours have just dropped their latest LP, Tomorrows.

Crooked Colours’ ability to fuse catchy pop-infused melodies with upbeat electronic grooves continues to sound fresh and innovative. It’s the reason why the trio have stayed relevant for as long as they have and the reason why we’re still obsessed. Coming in at a respectable 13 tracks, Tomorrows combines evocative vocals, optimistic lyricism, live instrumentation, and dancefloor-ready productions to create a dynamic sound that showcases the group’s evolution.

As Crooked Colours mention, “There’s a lot of hate and shit going on in the world. Everything is so tense, we just want you to feel good.” Tomorrows checks all of our boxes and proves to be yet another milestone record for the already well-respected producers. Stream the full album below and enjoy!

Crooked Colours – Tomorrows