Cthulhu Basscraft Gets Experimental on New Single “Legends Never Die”


Hailing from Alberta, Canada, experimental producer, Cthulhu Basscraft, finds himself right in the apex of the hard-hitting bass scene. Influenced by dubstep and experimental crowds alike, the product is a trippy, atmospheric catalog begging you to hit replay. Cthulhu Basscraft’s newest single, “Legends Never Die,” arrives today on Muti Music.

“Legends Never Die” leads with an anticipatory build, as we wait for the first, momentous drop. Liquid bass elements collide with live drums and round bass stabs, immediately characterizing Cthulhu Basscraft’s unique production style. Forging new palettes of sounds and textures, the artist crafts an entrancing sonic escapade.

You can stream “Legends Never Die” at the link below, out everywhere via Multi Music. Enjoy!

Cthulhu Basscraft – Legends Never Die