Cypress x Rusko – “Roll It, Light It” (Music Video) : Must See Insane Video to Dubstep Single

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So by now you probably have heard the newest collaboration between dubstep producer / DJ Rusko, and hip hop group Cypress Hill. The audio for the song was very sick, and created a fresh sound that pleases dubstep fans but also would make a huge hip hop hit, and one I wouldn't mind listening to. This video is very sick, filled with a high speed mixture of shots of Cypress and Rusko playing in a moving train while mountains, trees, and other objects outside of them gets blown apart and pieced together with lots of visually stunning effects. I've seen a lot of music videos use video effects like this, but I haven't seen any this good. I could see this video making it's way to the TV. Turn it up, enjoy!

Cypress x Rusko – Roll It, Light It | Direct Download