Emotions Fly High In Dabin’s Soaring New Single “Hope It Hurts” Ft. Essenger

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There’s just something about a proper angst filled jam that is just so satisfying. Dabin is no stranger to harnessing all the feels in his production, but his new single, “Hope It Hurts,” out now via Seeking Blue Records, takes it to a whole new level.

Dabin channels a pensive alt-rock ballad energy in this latest offering. Starting off with a somber guitar riff, Essenger quickly enters the frame with some rich yet melancholic verses. As the vocal layers and intensity grow along a chorus of rising synths, an epic, soaring drop swoops in, filling put the track with an immensely cathartic energy. 

Among the crashing waves of sound and emotion, you feel undeniably raw and angry. Yet despite the bitter lyrics, you walk away feeling renewed. Dabin has always had a gift for conveying emotion through music, and he put that gift on full display with this latest track. 

“Hope It Hurts” will take you back to your angstiest days –but that four minute whirlwind of passion will leave you light as a feather. Stream it below and Enjoy!

Dabin – Hope It Hurts